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Environmental Justice topics

The Moral Demands of Climate Change (98 KB PDF) by Rev. Dr. Marilyn Sewell – UUMFE 2016 Earth Day Sermon

Shifting Energy: From Fossil Fuels To Climate Action (176 KB PDF) by Rev. Matthew McHale – UUMFE 2015 Earth Day Sermon

The Land Ethic – A Fierce Green Fire (130 KB PDF) by Robert Keim

Have you Heard the Good News About Climate Change? (101 KB PDF) by John Atcheson, to kick off Commit2Respond, March 2015

Slow Violence: What Climate Change Really Is (166 KB PDF) by Robert Keim

24 Hours: 350 Inspirations (52 KB PDF) by Rev. Alice Anacheka-Nasemann

The Comforting Whirlwind: God and the Environmental Crisis (69 KB PDF) by Bill McKibben

Eating Our Way through the Interdependent Web: An Ethic of Food for Unitarian Universalists (94 KB PDF) by Rev. Charlotte Shivvers

Is there a Pathway to a Sustainable Climate and Energy Future? (60 KB PDF) by Jeffrey I. Steinfeld, Professor of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Education Program Director, Laboratory for Energy and the Environment

Water: The Sacred Well (57 KB PDF) by Allan J. Lindrup

Green Sanctuary: An Environmental Challenge for UU Congregations by Rev. Fred Small (76 KB PDF)

Eco-Spirituality for Liberal Religious Communities by David Cockrell (52 KB PDF)

Green Sanctuary by Rev. Ann Marie Alderman (42 KB PDF)

Earth Spirituality

Earth Spirituality Is a Many Splendored Thing by Steve Maier (84 KB PDF)

Reverence for Life by Steve Maier (68 KB PDF)

The Body of God by Rev. Ann Marie Alderman (46 KB PDF)

Tree of Life by Leslie Pohl-Kosbau (43 KB PDF)

Wake Now, My Senses by Rev. Fred Small (52 KB PDF)

Simple in Means, Rich in Ends by Robert Keim (86 KB PDF)

Sermons by UU Ministers on the spirituality of food

Thank you to the Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice program “After Copenhagen: How Should Our Chesapeake Region UU Community Take Action?” March 6, 2010, for these citations.

Getting Real About Food by Rev. Ana Porter (This sermon won Honorable Mention, 2006 Bolton Sermon Award)

 Sovereign Seeds by Rev. Nate Walker. (This sermon resulted in an invitation from Monsanto to Rev. Walker to tour their home office and discuss points raised in the sermon.)

Respect for the Interdependent Web of all Existence of which we are all a Part  by Rev. Scott Alexander.