Earth Day Event Registration

We hope you can post your event before April 22 to inspire other congregations, but we will keep the form open for awhile after Earth Day.  Please try to take some photos and post them on our Facebook page. 

Your role in the congregation or organization (e.g., Minister, Green Sanctuary chair, Social Justice Chair)
Please use USPS standard 2-letter abbreviation, e.g.MA
Please give us the details (up to 800 characters or 100 words).What kind of event is it? What are the major activities. What age groups are included? Is the community invited?
If you have a website or webpage where we can get more information, please enter it here.
The name of the person your congregation honored as an Eco-Hero.
In 1 or 2 sentences, describe how your honoree has contributed in the past year to Earth ministry in your congregation or community.