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          This list was first created for Earth Day 2013: Working Towards Sustainable Communities, part I. We will continue to add films and links as we learn about them and do the research.

          A film’s title link is to Amazon (extensive reader reviews), Bullfrog films (description, reviews, trailers, awards, and links to additional information), the film's website, or to a web page to view the film online.

Climate Change/Energy/Resource Depletion in General:

Groundswell RisingGroundswell Rising: Protecting Our Children’s Air and Water – Documents the opposition from both sides of the political spectrum to the ubiquitous practice of fracking for natural gas, and the health and environmental reasons behind it (DVD, 70 min. – 2014).

The Wisdom to SurviveThe Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism & CommunityExamines the challenges that climate change poses and discusses meaningful action that can be taken by individuals and communities (DVD, 56 min. – 2014).

Moyers & Company: Ending the Silence on Climate ChangeEnding the Silence on Climate Change Bill Moyers and Anthony Leiserowitz (DVD, 57 min. – 2013)

Chasing IceChasing Ice – featuring photographer James Balog; directed by Jeff Orlowski (DVD, 73 min. – Nov. 2012)

Climate of DoubtClimate of Doubt (watch online at PBS/Frontline, 53 min. – 2012)

Climate of ChangeClimate of Change – featuring Tilda Swinton; directed by Brian Hill (DVD, 86 min. – 2011)

Dirty BusinessDirty Business: "Clean Coal" and the Battle for Our Energy Future – Reveals the true social and environmental costs of coal power and looks at promising developments in renewable energy technology (DVD, 90 and 60 min. versions – 2011).

Revenge of the Electric CarRevenge of the Electric Car – Tells the story of the global resurgence of electric cars, following the race to be the first and the best, and to win the hearts and minds of the public around the world (DVD, 90 min. – 2011).

Deep GreenDeep Green: Solutions to Stop Global Warming Now – Contributors Michael Pollan, Lester Brown, Amory Lovins, Dr. David Suzuki; directed by Matthew Briggs (DVD, 101 min. – 2010)

The Age of StupidThe Age of Stupid – An old man (Pete Postlethwaite) living in a devastated world, watches 'archive' footage from today and asks: Why didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance? (DVD, 89 min. – 2009)

The Yes Men Fix the WorldThe Yes Men Fix the World – Two daring political activists, posing as top executives, infiltrate conferences and pull off pranks designed to provoke better business practices (DVD, 87 min. – 2009).

Six DegreesNational Geographic: Six Degrees Could Change the World – featuring Alec Baldwin; directed by Ron Bowman (96 min. – 2008)

The 11th HourThe 11th Hour – featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Thom Hartmann; directed by Nadia Conners (DVD, 124 min – 2008)

Everything's CoolEverything’s Cool – featuring Ross Gelbspan and Bish Neuhouser; directed by Judith Helfand and Daniel B. Gold (DVD, 89 min. – 2007)

What a Way to GoWhat a Way to Go: Life at the End of EmpireTimothy S. Bennett, writer and director; Sally Erickson, producer (DVD, 123 min. – 2007)

An Inconvenient TruthAn Inconvenient Truth – featuring Al Gore, Billy West; directed by Davis Guggenheim (DVD, 100 min. – 2006)

The Ecological FootprintThe Ecological Footprint: Accounting for a Small Planet – Dr. Mathis Wackernagel introduces the Ecological Footprint, a resource accounting tool that measures human demand on the Earth (32 min. – 2005).

Watch these films online at Top Documentary Films:

The Climate Question: Degrees of Changedocumentary by Al Jazeera in conjunction with the UN Climate Change Conference in Qatar (49 min. – 2012)

The Boy Who Cried Warmingdocumentary by first-time filmmakers Pete Garcia II, director and Jesse Jones, writer (85 min. – 2012)

End: CIV Resist or DieBased in part on Derrick Jensen’s Endgame (three episodes, 57 min. each – 2011)

Hot Planeta look at climate change just before the Copenhagen summit, from BBC (59 min. – 2009).

Earth: The Climate WarsBBC series traces the history of climate change (75 min. – 2009)


Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities:

In Transition 2.0In Transition 2.0 – Produced by Transition Network UK (DVD, 67 min. – 2012)

Climate Action and Adaptation Plans:

Climate RefugeesClimate Refugees – featuring Lester Brown, Paul Ehrlich, John Kerry, Desmond Tutu, and others; directed by Michael P. Nash (DVD, 85 min. – 2010); not available on Amazon.com – title link is to film website

Ecosystems and Biodiversity:

Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? – featuring Michael Polan and Gunther Hauck; directed by Taggart Siegel (DVD, 82 min. – 2010)

Vanishing of the BeesThe Vanishing of the Bees – narrated by Ellen Page; directed by Maryam Henein (DVD, 87 min. – 2010)

The End of the LineThe End of The Line: Where Have All the Fish Gone? – featuring Ted Danson; directed by Rupert Murray (DVD, 85 min. – 2010)

The CoveThe Cove: Man Is Their Greatest Threat and Their Only Hope – featuring Richard O’Barry and Louis Phihoyos; directed by Louis Phihoyos (DVD, 92 min. – 2008)

Crash: A Tale of Two SpeciesCrash: A Tale of Two Species (watch online at PBS/Nature, 51 min. – 2008)

Planet in PerilPlanet in Peril – featuring Anderson Cooper, Jeff Corwin, and Sanjay Gupta; from CNN (DVD, 180 min. – 2008)

Watch these films online at Top Documentary Films, Films for Action, and other sites:

The Fight for Amazonia – three-part documentary by Al Jazeera English on saving the world’s most endangered rainforest (2 hr. 23 min. total – 2012)

Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification – documentary from NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) chronicling the negative effects of acidification on sea life  (21 min. – 2009)

Home: A Stunning Visual Portrayal of Earth – With aerial footage from 54 countries, Home is a depiction of how the Earth's problems are all interlinked. (93 min. – 2009)

Strange Days on Planet Earth – four-part National Geographic documentary narrated by Edward Norton (3 hr. 35 min. total – 2005)

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems:


CowspiracyCowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret – Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn, filmmakers (DVD, 91 min. – 2014)

Genetic RouletteGenetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives – directed by Jeffrey M. Smith (DVD, 85 min. – 2012)

Forks Over KnivesForks Over Knives – featuring T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell B. Esselstyn (DVD, 90 min. – 2011)

Urban RootsUrban Roots – directed by Mark MacInnes; produced by Leila Conners and Mathew Schmid  (DVD, 93 min. – 2011)

The HarvestThe Harvest/La Cosecha – featuring Zulema Lopez, Victor Huapilla, and Perla Sanchez; directed by U. Roberto Romano (DVD, 80 min. 2011)

FarmageddonFarmageddon: The Unseen War On American Family Farms – featuring Linda Faillace; directed by Kristin Canty (DVD, 90 min. – 2010)

Dirt! The MovieDirt! The Movie – featuring Jamie Lee Curtis; directed by Bill Benenson and Gene Roscow (DVD, 80 min. – 2009)

IngredientsIngredients: The Local Food Movement Takes Root ­– featuring Robert Bates; directed by Robert Bates (DVD, 67 min. – 2009)

FreshFresh – featuring Joel Salatin and Will Allen; directed by Ana Sophia Joanes (DVD, 72 min. – 2009)

A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory FarmsA River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farmsfeaturing Don McCorkell and Drew Edmonson; directed by Don McCorkell (98 min. – 2009)

Food, Inc.Food, Inc. – featuring Eric Schlosser; directed by Robert Kenner (DVD, 91 min. – 2008); nominated for Academy Award

The GardenThe Garden – featuring Danny Glover and Daryl Hannah; directed by Scott Hamilton Kennedy (DVD, 80 min. – 2008)

The Real Dirt On Farmer JohnThe Real Dirt on Farmer John – featuring John Peterson and Lesley Littlefield; directed by Taggart Siegel (DVD, 82 min. – 2005)

The Future of FoodThe Future of Food – featuring Exequiel Ezcurra and Sara Maamouri; directed by Deborah Koons Garcia (DVD, 88 min. – 2005)

Watch these films online at Top Documentary Films, Films for Action, and other sites:

Seeds of Freedomdocumentary from the Gaia Foundation and the African Biodiversity Network (30 min. – 2012)

Edible City: Grow the Revolutiongrowing local food movement in the San Francisco Bay area (60 min. – 2012)

The Straight Poop on Sustainable FarmingInterview with Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm on Peak Moment TV (26 min. – 2012)

The Case for PermacultureMidwest Permaculture's Intro to Permaculture Internet Webinar (110 min. – 2012)

A Farm for the Futuredocumentary on sustainable farming in a fuel deficient world; from the BBC’s “Natural World” series (48 min. – 2009)

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