100 Services for Climate Justice - Commit2Respond Challenge

The UU Young Adults for Climate Justice (UUYACJ) network has pledged to support and encourage young adults to share their stories and passions with congregations by delivering
ONE HUNDRED services about climate justice, as a part of the Commit2Respond campaign.

Check out our Successful Services page to see all the great things already happening!

Or check out our Campaign Resources page to see how to get started.

To reach this goal, we act and grow as a community.
Only through building strong connections - only through challenging and uplifting each other - will we be able to meet our goal. Hopefully we will inspire hundreds of other people in the process. As Unitarian Universalists, we are called to respond to the climate crisis as a community fueled by love, compassion and determination. Coordinating one hundred services with or by UU young adults to lift up this call will be a challenge, but only in a small sense. The greater challenges lie in facing a future of social upheavel and climactic change --- we know this in our hearts. Join us in this process of deepening our community's inter-generational ties and understanding of what it means to seek climate justice.

A climate justice service can take any form.

The sky is the limit. It could be during a Sunday morning worship service; it could be a special event for your city or cluster; it could be a special ceremony or ritual done at any time; it could be part of a climate justice open mic night at a congregation. The connecting factors for the 100 Worships are: (1) exploration of climate justice and its moral grounding, with some UU presence, and (2) young adult voice and leadership.

Some options might be:

--- A young adult group in a city or congregation organizing a service on climate justice together
--- A special guest young adult activist of any faith tradition speaking at a UU congregation
--- An UU young adult activist speaking at a congregation of any faith tradition (or an Interfaith/public gathering)

Do you want to participate?
Any UU young adult who is passionate about climate change and the challenge of creating a just transition to a sustainable way of living for all people is invited to participate and connect with congregations near you. We want to support your success, and we have resources available to assist you.

Are you a young adult interested in participating?

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