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Environmental Justice Curriculum

The new curriculum, "Our Place in the Web of Life," is available for download. The curriculum includes documents and videos for use in facilitating this 5-part workshop.  

Earth Day Resources:

Resources for 2009-2015 Earth Days are in the Take Action section of the website.

Young Adults for Climate Justice:

Find out how UU young adults are engaged in climate justice issues.

Environmental Film Library:

Take a look and send us your suggestions for additional titles. Check back often to see what's new.

PDF copies of the following are available in the store:

(You will be asked to make a donation, which will enable us to update and expand our work.)

GWActionVol1CDGlobal Warming Action Kit,  Vol. 1

A thought-provoking play by Doug Stewart, "Mother Earth vs. World's People;" a large collection of global warming quotes; the Global Warming 1-2-3 Pledge and action guide; the Ten Tree Challenge; 20% Footprint Reduction Toolkit; UUMFE Clean Power Pledge; and information on carbon offsets and green power. 83 pp.


GWActionV2CDGlobal Warming Action Kit,  Vol. 2

Includes "Our Warming World" Art Show; Prayer Flags for the Planet; "Final Exit," a new play by Doug Stewart; Songs (sheet music and lyrics) by folksingers Dan Berggren and Linda Pelham; six global warming sermons and worship services; Walk 'n Roll to Church; deepening the Global Warming 1-2-3 Pledge – Steps 4, 5 and 6; global warming films list; info on LEDs, a Community Library Project, and more! 180 pp.

Earth,SpiritCDEarth and Spirit: Bringing Ecology into Adult Religious Education

A 62-page resource with readings and materials on theology and spirituality from major faith traditions, annotated lists of curricula and other resources, syllabus samples, and other materials for workshops and retreats.



HonorEarthCDHonoring Earth Worship Resource

Includes opening and closing words, sermons, readings, meditations, sample services, rituals, music resources, celebrations, and quotes. 153 pp.



NurtureCDNurturing the Spirit-Nature Connection

An index of children’s RE resources sorted by nature-themed topics with lessons and songs. Includes annotated resources, intergenerational services, energy-conservation activities for youth, and more. 100 pp.



Butterfly_coverButterfly and Creepy Crawlies - We Are All Connected RE Lessons

Ten RE lessons for children of all ages, including worship, stories, crafts, music and other hands-on activities. Learn how to feed butterflies, where dragonfly babies live, how to race hermit crabs, and more about other creepy crawlies. Grow in understanding of how important each creature is to the fragile web of life. 64 pp.


SoundsNatureCDSounds of Nature - We Are All Connected RE Lessons

Eight RE lessons for children of all ages, with ideas to expand into two or more sessions. The eighth lesson also contains a complete Multi-generational service. The lessons use music to help us connect with each other, other cultures, and the myriad rhythms of Nature. Stories, crafts, music and other hands-on acitivites are included in the lessons. 100 pp. 



See the Sermons page in the Reflections section of the website.

Global Warming/Climate Action activities, pledges for individual action

See another section of this website:

For examples of actions that congregations have done, see

Go on a Low Carbon Diet, with courses from The Empowerment Institute

here's how:

Discussion Courses from Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI).

Many UU congregations have found that the study guides from the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) make wonderful discussion courses.

Each guide is complete with readings and questions so that the sessions can be self-organized and guided. Menu for the Future and Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics, and Sustainability are excellent accompaniments to the Ethical Eating Statement of Conscience. Change by Degrees: Addressing the Climate Challenge is a good companion for the Climate Change Statement of Conscience. This course was completely updated in May 2015 as Change is our Choice: Creating Climate Solutions, an interactive ebook that integrates video, audio and printed content.

Other courses include: Choices in Sustainable Living; Voluntary Simplicity; Sustainable Systems At Work; Healthy Children, Healthy Planet; Discovering a Sense of Place; Reconnecting with Earth; A World of Health: Connecting People, Place and Planet; Just Below the Surface: Perspectives on the Gulf Coast Oil Spill (a one session discussion course); and, published in 2014, Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice & Sustainability.

The Study Guides can be ordered online at By selecting UUMFE/Green Sanctuary as your "connection," NWEI shares some of the profit with UUMFE.