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Twelve Days of COP21 for Our Climate Moment/um

COP21 logoThe world is watching as the 21st session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP21) begins. UUs will be well represented by our UU United Nations Office delegates and other UUs traveling to Paris to witness and advocate for climate justice.

UUMFE contributor Rev. Gail Collins-Ranadive has compiled ‘Our Climate Moment/um’ to help us connect to the work our friends and leaders are doing on our behalf in Paris. For each day of the conference you will find a quote and inspiring image here on the UUMFE website to help you reflect and cope with the day’s proceedings. Details here.

UU Elizabeth Mount Participates in #ShellNo Action in Portland

#ShellNo Action - Elizabeth MountElizabeth Mount, a member of the leadership team for UU Young Adults for Climate Justice network (UUYACJ) and a Meadville Lombard seminarian, was one of the thirteen Greenpeace activists suspended below the St. John’s bridge in the recent #ShellNo action in Portland, OR. Watch Elizabeth’s witness statement before the action here. Learn more on the UUYACJ website and listen to network coordinator Aly Tharp’s interview of Elizabeth. Above: screenshot of Elizabeth Mount in the Greenpeace video.
Update, Aug. 3: great eye-witness article at Resilience.org.
Update, Aug. 13: article in UU World online

Sacred Public Witness with Lummi Nation

Saturday, June 27, 4:45-6:15
Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR

In the face of the overwhelming reality and impacts of climate change and environmental destruction, we need each other. Together, we can celebrate life. Together, we can deepen our commitments to justice. Together, we can change the world. Our climate is changing, yet we have hope. Our world is in crisis, yet we have faith.  Read More. . 

UUMFE Fall Newsletter 2015

(September 22, 2015) The UUMFE Fall newsletter is now available. Contents include:

  • Commit2Respond: Moral Imperative for newsletter iconClimate Justice
  • Message From the Board Chair: Beyond the Catchy Phrase
  • Matthew McHale Ordination – Congratulations!
  • Nurturing Nature: Letting the Beauty We Love Be What We Do
  • We Have a Pope
  • The Road Through Paris and More Climate Justice News and Tools
  • Book Review: American Catch: The Fight for Our Local Seafood
  • Updates fro the UU Young Adults for Climate Justice
  • What the Frack?
  • Your Support Is Needed and Appreciated


Observance of BP Gulf Coast Disaster

New grassroots movement Gulf South Rising calls for a week of action in recognition of the 5 year mark since the BP Gulf Coast Disaster in 2010 -- followed by solidarity actions across the country for the same length of time that the Deepwater Horizon well was still spilling oil into the Gulf Coast.  UU Young Adults for Climate Justice will be at the actions in Houston. More details here

Earth Day 2015 Events

Be sure to register your congregation’s plans to share with others. All registered congregations will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate generously donated by the UUA Bookstore. 

Save the Date!

Extend your GA experience by joining UUMFE's Environmental Justice Tour of Portland, starting with dinner and presentations following the GA closing ceremony on Sunday, June 28, and the tour itself on Monday, June 29, from 9 am to 3-4 pm. More details here.

Post-GA 2014 EJ Tour Graphic

A New Wind Blowing in the Northwest

Enjoy a new reflection by Florence Caplow, 2014-15 intern minister at Quimper UU Fellowship in Pt. Townsend, WA. She chronicles the launch of the Lummi Indian Nation’s 5,000 mile Totem Pole Journey to the Canadian tar sands to draw attention to the negative effects of fossil fuel extraction on many Native American lands. Several members of the Lummi Nation will participate in two General Assembly workshops as well leading our Public Witness, all on Saturday, June 27. Read the reflection here.

Change the Story, Change the Future

David Korten, author of The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community (2006), presented a major lecture and a workshop at GA 2007 in Portland, OR. He will be back again at GA 2015 in Portland to share insights from his brand new book Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth. The official publication date is Feb. 2, but the book was launched on Jan. 25 at All Saints Church in Pasadena. Watch this 42-minute presentation at the “Rector’s Forum” and a longer presentation later that day (two hours). Both are well worth your time.

Lighting the Way

(Nov. 25, 2014) A message from the Commit2Respond campaign

“To change everything we need everyone.” This slogan of the People’s Climate March spoke to the coming together of people from every community and interest group, and also the fact that the march coincided with the United Nations Climate Summit in New York.

In order to halt climate change we need all countries to join the struggle.

Graphic for Lighting the WayYou can help. Next week Commit2Respond is joining OurVoices for #LightForLima, a global, multi-faith prayer vigil, at the invitation of endorser group GreenFaith. December 1-12 is the next opportunity to call on our leaders for climate justice. At the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, held this year in Lima, Peru, leaders will establish the fundamentals of an agreement to be honed over the coming year and signed in Paris next December.

Each evening from December 1-7, households and communities around the world will light a candle, a chalice, or a solar lamp and pray, meditate, or offer an invocation for a climate agreement. Then we’ll take a photo and post it on Facebook or Twitter with our hopes for the future and the tags #LightForLima and #Commit2Respond.

On the evening of Sunday, December 7, people around the world from diverse faith and spiritual communities will gather for vigils. Take action: join or organize a vigil!

Time is running out for a strong climate agreement. World leaders in Lima need to know that people of all faiths and spiritualties are holding them in our thoughts, meditations, and prayers—supporting their efforts to reach an agreement and bearing witness to their decisions. Our lights will guide the way.

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